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Is It Time To Evaluate Your Staffing Partner?

Posted by Star Industrial Services on Aug 6, 2020 2:54:05 PM

With the economic downturn, where labor is plentiful in Alabama, industrial and manufacturing companies are in prime position to consider their contingent workforce options.

How well is your current staffing partner delivering? Take a moment to consider each of the following key attributes:

✅ Safety and quality trained workforce
✅ Workforce that is labor ready at your door
✅ On-site supervisors
✅ Customized dashboard at your fingertips showing real-time workforce analytics
✅ Response time for increased staffing needs
✅ Built-in backfill for short-staffing (avoiding labor disruption by understanding the staffing request and the challenges of no-call no-show)

For more than three decades, Star Industrial Services has helped countless organizations across our state overcome business challenges and staff their team with the right personnel. We recruit industrial talent focused on propelling businesses forward.

Among COVID-19 changes to our state and its respective industries, having the right workforce is now more critical to keeping projects on track and your organization running smoothly and charging ahead.

We thrive by helping industrial companies build a workforce quickly and efficiently to maximize productivity.


Star Industrial Services is a contract labor supplier, staffing consultant, and strategic partner with over 50 years of combined industry management experience, using the latest innovative processes and technology to connect the right people to the right company. Working with both employers and applicants, Star’s recruiters are trained to help expand your skills and knowledge towards a better management of your employees and business. Learn more at

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