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Star Opens Non-Profit Professional Development Institute

Posted by Star Industrial Services on Sep 24, 2019 12:12:00 PM

Star Industrial Services, a staffing agency dedicated to creating job-placement solutions for the light industrial and automotive industries, is pleased to announce the opening of the new Star Institute, a non-profit professional development program designed to foster workforce readiness.

In the Birmingham, Alabama, area, 89% of individuals have earned their high school diploma. Of these high school graduates, only 31% will pursue higher education or advanced training. Poverty in this area has reached 28%, but many impoverished individuals do not have the means to overcome their situations. Star Industrial Services is seeking to create opportunities for higher learning in the Birmingham area by partnering with business sponsors, community leaders, local community colleges and other training organizations to open the Star Institute. With 550,000 employable people locally and a growing requirement for a high-skilled labor force, the Star Institute will bridge the gap between in-demand jobs and workers who desire the skills needed to fulfill these positions.

Star Industrial Services has over 90 years of combined experience in manufacturing, education and training, serving as a labor provider for automotive parts producers in the Birmingham area. With high levels of training acumen, including assembly, stamping and die casting, Star has provided 1000+ laborers producing parts for Mercedes and BMW. Now, Star wants to expand its role in Birmingham by creating opportunities for workforce development training, manufacturing academics and workforce shadowing. Star Institute recently partnered with Jefferson State Community College and is working with the Alabama Workforce Training Center to provide skills training in various in-demand trades, including tool and die casting, CNC machining, robotics, inspection & containment, carpentry, masonry and electrical fields.

The Star Institute has connected with various branches of the Birmingham community, including the Jefferson County School system to provide training for interested students in their junior and senior years and the Birmingham Business Alliance to locate manufacturers who need skilled labor. Within these partnerships, the Star Institute plans to build out an associate’s degree curriculum involving a 10-12 week schedule of certification courses. The Institute is seeking to accomplish this without forcing students to incur heavy loan debts. By increasing educational opportunities and helping local firms fill skilled-labor needs, all while reducing student loan debt, the Star Institute seeks to be a force for growth, innovation and prosperity in the region.

The Star Institute is proud to have Dr. Terrance Harrington on faculty. Dr. Harrington is an experienced educator and corporate trainer, with over 24 years of course and training development experience in corporate and academic settings. Dr. Harrington earned a Ph.D in Instructional Leadership, with an emphasis in Instructional Design and Instructional Technology, from the University of Alabama in 2011. Over the years, he has created over 50 courses, many still in use today, and well over 20 training programs for employees. In addition to curriculum and training/course development, Dr. Harrington has been a supervisor, a technology manager, a web developer, a database administrator, and a college professor.

Now in his fourth year as the CEO & President of Star Industrial Services, Rod Jandt, states, “Dr. Harrington has been an excellent addition to our Star Institute. His commitment to the high school students of Birmingham and his professional relationships with Jefferson State Community College has filled the classrooms at the Star Institute. Our customers require the ‘temp to hire’ employees to be workforce ready on day one. Our comprehensive onboarding skills testing, coupled with work shadowing through manufacturing floor time, are making a difference in the areas of improved retention and reduced OT hours.”


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