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Star Earns Substantial Revenue Growth With Fresh Perspective

Posted by Star Industrial Services on Feb 12, 2017 11:59:00 AM

Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee
February 9, 2017

Today’s evolving marketplace presents plenty of complex challenges to the recruitment efforts of the Industrial Manufacturing and Logistics trade. The industries’ rapidly growing 24-hour demand for skilled workers and highly efficient processes begs a review and revival of dated staffing methods.

Star Industrial Services (Star) has developed their own approach in challenging old methodologies of sourcing, recruiting, training and performance management that has gained the company a substantial 176% YoY Revenue Growth.

Jandt believes that “conforming to antiquated ways of blindly recruiting talent while trying to maintain breakneck speeds for supply chain delivery inevitably invites failure mode.” He recommends a more calculated model aligning people, process & technology with Human Resources’ “Three-Spoked Wheel” of full-time employees, hourly employees, and internship programs.

Further concerning this perspective, Jandt states, “The under-utilization of these critical employee roles compounded with passive stakeholders only further exposes the already inherently vulnerable HR cost model. HR is a strategic partner to its executive leadership team but often lacks the vision and ROI tools to justify the cost of implementing change management or employee development programs.”

Star promotes added value in their comprehensive needs analysis module. Their carefully designed process includes: defining operational goals, creating job analysis, scoping hiring expectations, conducting employee engagement surveys, and providing exhaustive feedback for coaching and hiring purposes, all while crafting customized on-boarding processes tightly aligned with the company’s mission & values.

Jandt’s intention is to make sure Star stays ahead of the curve in manufacturing and logistics staffing methods. He says, “Here at Star, our mantra is ‘We Care More’ with the intent of separating our organization from commoditized and oversaturated employment agencies.” If Star’s significant success this past year is any indicator, this reformed approach could soon become a template for change in the broader staffing efforts serving this industry.


Star Industrial Services is a contract labor supplier, staffing consultant, and strategic partner with over 50 years of combined industry management experience, using the latest innovative processes and technology to connect the right people to the right company. Working with both employers and applicants, Star’s recruiters are trained to help expand your skills and knowledge towards a better management of your employees and business. Learn more at

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