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Rod Jandt Leads Star Industrial Services Into A Promising Future As Newly Appointed CEO

Posted by Star Industrial Services on Dec 9, 2016 11:49:00 AM

Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee
December 5th, 2016

As industrial training and staffing leader Star Industrial Services wraps up another year, newly installed Chief Executive Officer Rod Jandt is poised to see the company through extensive growth in the years to come. Appointed as CEO on June 27th of 2016, Mr. Jandt has already directed the company in achieving 276% revenue growth in Q4 of 2016.

Jandt carries with him a long roster of prosperous executive positions at Fortune 500 companies such as MS Companies, Quickrete, Oracle, and IBM, successfully delivering substantial turn-arounds and exponential improvement in capacity, safety, customer response and revenue.

"The principles for success are fairly universal. Excellent people produce excellent results.
Our goal is to connect the right candidates with the right opportunity."

- Rod Jandt, CEO Star Industrial

As Director of Operations for MS Companies’ multi-plant enterprise, Jandt led the way in reversing an unfavorable projection by implementing an aggressive Lean manufacturing operations model, utilizing cost reduction metrics to identify EBITDA detractors of wastes. Jandt’s unique background in Sales & Business Development married with Lean operations launched Kentucky to the #1 revenue producer out of 14 states. Their impressive 85% hike in revenue landed them in 2014’s IBJ Magazine “Fast 25”, an annual ranking of privately held companies that have generated the fastest growth.

"Building a stable foundation for repeatable customer satisfaction while delivering value requires intentionality. This mindset reveals why we care more about our people and our clients. Star will continue to invest resources into excellent people, staying disciplined and committed to standardized Lean processes, while executing operational excellence through cutting edge technologies."

- Rod Jandt, CEO Star Industrial

Under Jandt’s headship, the future looks equally bright for Star Industrial Services. Plans include an estimated $100 million in additional revenue by 2019 as a result of a focused pursuit of Government contractual services and continuing expansion into reliable industries such as Global Logistics and Light Industrial Distribution. As new client successes continues to spread, Star Industrial Services will continue to aggressively capture market share in the Logistics & Transportation and Manufacturing Industries.


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